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...For 2013, Goldenberg has expanded the duration of the program from 20 weeks to the entire year, and chosen “The History of Education in Harlem” as the overarching theme. In addition, he has expanded the location of the program to include one day a week at Frederick Douglass Academy II and one day a week at Teachers College. He says doing so gives the students more of an opportunity to be part of the Teachers College community and himself more flexibility in what he is able to do with them.


“Since Teachers College is in Harlem, students in the Youth Historians program should have more access to the History of Education program at Teachers College,” said Goldenberg. Students are the lifeblood of this community, and I see this program as a way to breakdown boundaries.”


This year, the students are learning a lot more skills...

Teachers College Doctoral Student, Barry Goldenberg, inspires students with Youth Historians Program

By: Allison Baldwin | Teachers College Arts & Humanities Blog

December 17, 2013

...The program’s primary objective is to turn students who weren’t all that interested in history into historians, but in a non-traditional way. Rather than having them read histories of places they had never heard of and perhaps never visit, Goldenberg wanted to test whether his students could be engaged in history as a discipline by researching the history of their own community and places they knew. Recalling an earlier conversation with Morrell, Goldenberg says, “For students to learn about Mesopotamia, they first have to learn about the history of their own block.”


...“I want to look at how we can impact the community through developing historical narratives of the community,” Goldenberg says, “and how we can involve the community, including teachers and students, in creating those narratives.”

Barry Goldenberg: The Bus Stops Here [featuring Youth Historians]

Published in Teachers College People Magainze

July 1, 2013

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