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Learning the History of Education in Harlem

​The crux of Youth Historians in Harlem relies on the research that students will explore--but what exactly are they exploring? With  graduate students as a guide, the youth will explore a topic of personal interest within (or somehow related to) the history of education in Harlem. Understanding how education and public schooling, specifically, developed in Harlem is implicit in the work that students produce--and of the YHH scholarship goals.

Part of crowd in Harlem chants and taunts police on Lenox Avenue in 1964. (New York World-Telegram & Sun Newspaper / Library of Congress,)

Thus, the Youth Historians program also incorporates curriculum involving the history of education in Harlem. After surveying the literature on the history of education in Harlem, there are five themes, broadly conceived, that encompass the previous research on this topic and lead to further exploration. Due to the fact that no comprehensive "history of education in Harlem" exists, breaking down the available literature and matching each with an appropriate topic(s) provides for the best way to organize such literature and move forward with further study on the history of education in Harlem. Click below to read more about each of the five themes as well as find the relevant sources that cover each specific topic.​
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